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Anne & Kat have been friends in the Seattle industry for years, they share some big loves for the artist community, makeup (well yeah) dirty jokes and major eye rolling. Listen along for makeup reviews, random guests, life and travels!


Kat St. John is a Makeup Artist based out of the Seattle area with a background in Art, and Interior design. With almost 12 years under her belt, she offers a personal service to her clients including local Headshot Photographers, Stylists, Seattle Talent and Production Agencies. Kat shares a passion for elevating the industry and mentoring new artists.

Anne Timss is a stylist based out of Seattle WA with over 21 years of makeup artistry experience. She has worked on hundreds of weddings and has a long list of commercial clients from Starbucks to Alaska Airlines. Anne spends her time traveling the US working with clients, as well as empowering other artists by mentoring and educating them in business.

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