Holy Sheet.....Mask, Batman!

HOLY SHEET! Anne and Kat talk about one of the most popular things in Beauty - Sheet Masks. Whether it be for Self care, a Treat or a part of your routine; sheet masks are hands down, one of the best ways to treat yo’self. Anne and Kat go over all different types from high end to drug store brands and even subscriptions. Stay tuned for an entire episode dedicated to the golden child of beauty products.

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Bridal Beauty - How and When to Start Prepping!

Here comes Bridezilla! Ok, we kid but wedding planning can be so stressful! We are here to take the pain out bridal beauty, with loads of helpful tips! 

From when do get your nails done to where NOT to get a spray tan. And why you don’t share extensions - and never EVER use Groupon for anything on your face. 

Trust us. 

Collectively we have styled over a thousand weddings and this week we are sharing the most important ones with you. Plus, we bought some shit, just in time for summer season. 

So, whatever stage you are in with your wedding - you need this podcast. 

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Vegas Pt. 2: Where to Shop and How to Prep for your Destination event.

Vegas was so epic we broke it into TWO episodes for you!
This week we meet with our dear friend and local makeup artist, Sylvia who gives us the inside scoop on doing makeup in Vegas, take a trip to a very special location where “the stars shop” and of course, we spend some serious coin on makeup. Be sure to tune in and hear where to find ALL the goods on your next trip to Sin City!

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Cruelty Free - What it Means & What to buy!

Last week we did a review of some products that not only are amazing but travel well. Anne and Kat go over how to pack the proper Makeup kit for traveling to warm environments in their BTBS Travel Edition! Be sure to shop the show, there are a lot of juicy items to try.

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Get on it.

Anne had a slower week, moving into her Man’s House, Dog Momming and unpacking. Anne and Kat went to a meeting with their producer Shelli - a Pizza meeting at Kat’s favorite place…….The Alibi Room (in Greenwood).

Kat has had an influx of clients who have been hiring photographers for Dating Profiles. Recently a client who was in her late 50’s - 60’s. Kat LOVES doing “Mature Makeup” and her client started to talk about being a Maid of Honor in her friend’s wedding who happens to be around the same age, has never been married and is going ALL OUT. Fingers crossed she books! A Wedding like that is a freaking DREAM!

Anne and Kat have been receiving a lot of last minute requests for Weddings. Anne has booked all of her Key Saturdays for 2019, Last year. Beauty should be booked at least one year out. Kat mentions putting it high on your priority list, up there with your venue, food, photographer etc. End of story - if you want the best of the best, you need to book them almost a year in advance.

Anne and Kat go over some new brands, some are popular and known brands and some not so much.

What is Cruelty Free Makeup? Go back to PETA - they set the standard and certify brands that are cruelty free.
How is a company certified as cruelty-free?
Companies listed either signed 
PETA's statement of assurance or provided a statement verifying that they do not conduct or commission any animal tests on ingredients, formulations, or finished products and that they pledge not to do so in the future.

Cruelty free does not = Vegan! Remember this, very important. Where did we find some brands that we reviewed? Go to Cruelty Free Kitty! GREAT resource for brands on top of PETA’s resources as well.

Anne goes over brands that Kat and herself have used, while they dont test on animals…the simple fact that they ship to china deems them Non-Cruelty Free / Cruel. Why is that? China has had a long standing requirement of testing products shipped in from other countries on animals prior to selling them in their country. HOWEVER, this recently has changed. While they have not stopped testing, they have made a huge step towards a change in their policy! They will no longer test UNLESS there is a reported reaction to a product that has been imported.

Check out Mega Babe Beauty!

20190403-untitled shoot-0208.jpg

Kat begins with a deodorant she stumbled on at an ULTA in North Seattle. Oh, and it smells like ROSES (her favorite)!
BTW if you are shopping, ULTA in Alderwood is the shit. They have SO much to choose from and an extensive amount of Cruelty Free items. Ulta stores are pretty similar but after shopping there so much, each location definitely has it’s bonus’s.

Mega Babe is a bad ass brand that embraces the modern day woman. We sweat, we are body positive which means some of us have more curves than others. Lets talk about products that cater to the everyday woman and stop being so weird about confronting issues like “Boob Sweat” and “Thigh Chafing”. Megababe is not tested on animals, only on babes.

They were recently featured in Cosmopolitan! Evidently the Megababe Rosy Pits is tits. Read about the deodorant that had a 13,000 person wait list.

20190409-untitled shoot-0215.jpg

Anne may not shop in drug stores for beauty often but loves a good online find including Morphe! Did you know…..MORPHE is cruelty free? CAUSE THEY ARE! They’re NOT Vegan, because they offer products with Lanolin, Beeswax and animal hair brushes, but also Vegan (synthetic).

The smell is great, it leaves a good finish.
Morphe is now opening Brick and Mortar Stores, which Anne & Kat will visit on their next trip. Stay Tuned for more favorites!

We are the show for the Multi Taskers! - Anne Timss
20190409-untitled shoot-0228.jpg

Kat goes into her other cruelty free beauty fav - Bliss Oh My Gommage Gentle Polishing Cleanser.
The Scent is good, the feel is GREAT. It acts as a peel, it is gentle.
You can grab yours for $12.00! Oil Formula, cannot over scrub. No worries about redness or scarring here!

Bliss is also on “How I Built this”. The owner built it, sold it and then opened “Soap and Glory”. The owner is a total Boss babe.

20190409-untitled shoot-0219.jpg

Tarte created a line for pre-teen / young girls who are getting into makeup. The packaging is so cute, its cruelty free, the color is great, the stay power is there. This company is known for it’s great, cruelty free beauty lines, and this is no exception!

The Velvet Matte Lipstick is a nice longwear with a powder like finish.

Check out all the Sugar Rush Line for products that are powered by Glitter and Good Vibes (who doesn’t love that?!)

Beauty finds for the week!

20190409-untitled shoot-0220.jpg

Anne goes into Kat’s favorite thing in the world - a double duty beauty product! The Au Naturale Creme Multistick. Are you familiar with NARS Orgasm/ Deep Throat blushes? This is a good alternative! The “Grapefruit” is good as a creme blush, lip or even on the eye. Doesn’t budge and hello, multi purpose!


Kat jumps on the Sugar Rush train and goes into some great deals that they have - 5 for $25! The Cake Butter Whipped Body Butter comes in travel size - as well as the “Mini Sugar Spritz Body Spray”. A nice subtle sweet smell that would tempt any sweet tooth!

Psychics, Travel Beauty & Mascara that Broke our Hearts.

Last week’s episode was about the most controversial hue in cosmetics - RED. This color has a rich history when it comes to your lips. Head over to the blog to check out some links to our favorite colors, and some links to more rad cosmetics we love!



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Kat recaps the previous episode (about a TERRIBLE MOB) which was the perfect Segway to Anne’s recent guest spot on a local favorite wedding planning podcast - Ring to Veil! Be sure to click on the link, this episode is all about “How to Pamper Mom”.

Anne goes into detail about her trip to Hawaii and her mother’s plan to move to Scottsdale. She mentions her moms’ specific plans (already hiring a pool boy) and that she may or may not go down the cosmetic treatment spiral on the search for the fountain of youth or an elixir for eternal youth. Kind of like in “Death Becomes Her”. We’ll pretend like Scottsdale is Isabella Rosalini, slinging eternal youth to all the hot mamas in the desert.

When feel good, you look good. - Kat St. John

Have you watched Queer Eye? It is one of Anne and Kat’s favorite Netflix series. This last season, The Jones Sisters makeover hit them in the feels. They are Bad Ass BBQ Babes who are running a family BBQ joint in Kansas City. Anne purchased some of their BBQ sauce after the episode aired, (not to spoil the episode for you) that the Fab 5 helped get rolling for distribution. For more information about how to get yourself some sauce - Head over to their website! #ALWAYSSUPPORTWOMEN


Kat goes over her week, gardening is on the horizon! Not only does spring bring out the flowers and the bees - it brings out all the actors and creatives who need headshots. Kat has a specific client who catches her attention as a “Medium”. Ever Wonder what a Medium’s Headshot looks like? So does Kat. She loves her clients, and meets the coolest people.

S & G’s! We posted a facebook Poll, asking what concerns and questions clients had. SO many responses came through, but alas, there is only so much time. All great questions, and about a variety of issues!

Anne goes over why lipsticks look different on people. Kat gives tips on how to wear a red lip without feathering, Stage makeup for a Burlesque Performer and where to buy special FX makeup!


20180922-untitled shoot-0041-2.jpg

Are you sick of the winter chill? Is summer too far away? You are probably heading out to a weekend destination like Arizona, Cali, anywhere hot and dry. Kat goes over how to pack for a Hot & Dry get away. If the desert isn’t your thing……don’t worry. Anne is going to go through how to best prepare for tropical, humid climates like Hawaii.

Kat used to be a photographer once upon a time, and talks about the wedding she styled AND photographed for her dear friends who had a destination wedding on a House Boat. This trip was in the middle of Arizona during the end of summer. Kat is a very very fair woman and really makes her skin a priority. To give you an idea of the weather, just check out the photos! Full sun, all day. Almost no cloud cover or trees for shade.

20180922-untitled shoot-0163.jpg
20180922-untitled shoot-0198.jpg


1. Remember TSA rules still apply, all carry on liquids under 3.4 ounce and in a quart size bag

2. Pack those ear plugs to block out the sounds of crying kids and chatty folks.

3. We love beauty but please don't paint your nails on a flight!

4. Grabbing a bite at the airport? Be considerate and eat your smelly food at the gate, the entire plane won't enjoy your onion salad.

5. Flying is a great time for a sheet mask, be sure to put one on, order a champagne and read a good book! When wearing your mask be sure to make eye to contact with any children sitting around you for funsies!

20190401-untitled shoot-0106.jpg

Kat’s Skin Care Choice:

Kat’s Tip: Get hyaluronic acid based serums to avoid feeling greasy. One of her favorites is the Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench!

She also goes into detail some of her favorite products to use in the sun for a super pale mama. It is recommended that you re apply your sunscreen every few hours. Well, what about your face? How do you get that sunblock re applied without messing up your makeup? AN SPF SETTING SPRAY! You can re apply, and the best thing about it is that it comes in a travel size as well. To dive further into SuperGoop’s products - head on over to their website!

No one likes to be sunburned.



SuperGoop makes a setting powder with SPF 45, this will save your life. If you DO like to be more matte, and you want to apply SPF to parts of your body that you want to keep more dry, cough cough, like your scalp…..This will save your hairline and your part from burning and peeling. A great way to keep your hair in check as well as your skin.

Kat’s Makeup Recs:

Kat’s favorite things to travel with - The Benefit Benetint Mini! They’re usually much larger but recently, Kat stumbled onto these tiny $12 gems.

These are great for minimal makeup, it is a double duty product that isnt greasy and won’t slide around the skin. It will stay on if you decide to go swimming or are just sweaty from sitting in the hot sun. You can carry it in your bag for touch ups, or pack it in with your toiletries. Small and packs a punch of color.

Fun fact - These are frequently used by Burlesque performers to stain their nipples!

20190401-untitled shoot-0143.jpg
20190401-untitled shoot-0177.jpg

Kat is also known for her minimalist routine for makeup when traveling. One big thing to think about is a tinted moisturizer. So, what about making your own? Simply get yourself a tube of concealer specifically NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and buff it out! By mixing the concealer with a moisturizer you are essentially creating your own tinted moisturizer, have more control of coverage and it is taking up WAY less space.

Anne has More Skin Care!

Anne decides to roll with the tropic humidity and embraces the dew. No amount of product is going to keep that dew at bay. Dewy = Hydrated - its not a bad thing!

SPF! Sunscreen is your friend. Sun Bum is a good staple and can be found at most stores.

Super-Fluid-UV-Defense-MINERAL _50ml.jpg

Surprise, another Kiehl’s item made it onto the list again!
The Super Fluid Daily UV Mineral Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50! Thats one hell of a name, right? But this shit is legit! And even better, this can be found in a variety of sizes - Check out a Kheils store near you and shop their Travel Size Products online!

20190401-untitled shoot-0112.jpg

Anne stumbled on a moisturizer after reading a ton of great reviews. This is a pleasant, affordable surprise that you can find in a drug store (or Ulta)! The Neutrogena hydroboost hydrating serum.

Anne’s Makeup Picks:

For an even complexion Anne recommends MAC Face and Body. You can use it on your face, and surprise……on your body too!

20190401-untitled shoot-0167.jpg

Dempsey Blushes - they are BEAUTIFUL! You can a more full range of colors on her Website! Not to mention additional cream products (Anne and Kat are BIG fans of Cream!).

I won’t cry for you, my mascara is too expensive. - Adriana Lima

As March came to a close, mascara madness was wrapped up with reviews of the “Bougie buys”. Anne and Kat selected three high end mascaras to try and review. Be sure to listen in on their thoughts! You can’t love everything, and you definitely will try to love it. You will try to apply it in different ways, even give it some time, using it for a week (when you only gave the others a day) and carry it with you! In the end, your high hopes just didn’t pan out, but you will always love the brand. We love you TF.

20190331-untitled shoot-0053.jpg