Las Vegas, Atomic Beauty Cosmetics & Friends

Last week the ladies discussed Indie Beauty, brands they love and why they love them! Be sure to check out the last blog with juicy products they have used, continue to gush about and keep in their kits.

Photo:  The Foxes

Photo: The Foxes


Anne and Kat go over their weeks - Anne had a wedding in Kuaii. Anne does these crazy elopements with these photographers - The Foxes. I mean, COME ON. Who wouldn’t love this job??

Kat is ramping up for the wedding season, taking inventory and organizing. A CONSTANT makeup artist struggle.

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Anne and Kat go over some Q & A with the ladies of Atomic Beauty Cosmetics about their journey and what they have planned next!

This week’s BTBS episode comes direct from Las Vegas - Anne and Kat chat it up with the founders of Atomic Beauty Cosmetics and talk biz, products and where it all began.


Co-Founder of Atomic Beauty Cosmetics, Michelle, took Anne and Kat out on the town, introducing them to some old school Vegas Favs. If you haven’t been to the Fireside Lounge at the Pepper mill, you NEED TO GO.

Have you ever seen the movie “Swingers”? All of the places we went are reminiscent (and take place in most) of Old Vegas. Anne talks about how the Fireside Lounge reminders her of this 90’s classic (Hello, young Vince Vaughn, Meow).

Anne and Kat have always believed in working with people you have connected with, utilizing and honing in on your best skills and lifting each other up. This interview gives some insight on how ABC started - with friendship. How does their business thrive? Support from Fellow Makeup Artists and the Pin Up Modeling Community. Which just happens to be everything these women are about. Elevating our industry and creating a supportive environment that focuses on the success of other makeup artists.
We all win!

Sabina Kelly shares her history with Vegas, what made her want to start a makeup line, and the story of her and Michelle’s friendship.

Sabina Kelly shares her history with Vegas, what made her want to start a makeup line, and the story of her and Michelle’s friendship.

You can take a Very, DIY, Punk Rock Approach......

Here is some solid advice from a Makeup Artist, to Manager with a cushy office job that decided to make the leap.


Want to hear more? Be sure to tune in!

Dont worry, we didn’t forget to post about the Shit We Bought!


Like Kat mentioned earlier - she has been gearing up for the wedding season.
Anne ad Kat love to spoil their brides with little gifts like, little candies, a touch up lip….but Kat puts something else in there. It’s a “Bling Wipe”! Kat has been including these for years, it is the perfect little wipe to clean off your jewelry before your detail photos are taken by your wedding photographer!


Let’s face it, sometimes our offices can be a black hole and we lose stuff……

Or maybe 1,000 blotting papers if you’re Kat. In any case, this one was in a pinch, but found some nice, fresh smelling wipes that she found online, that happened to come in a smaller size AND had cute packaging! The price was comparable to the ones she purchases in bulk. And its kind of a unique item!

Papier Poudre’ - Found on Amazon.

Anne’s picks this week came in her Slut Box. WHICH she so graciously waited to open until she was on the show. The art work for these boxes are so awesome!

Listen in on Anne Unveiling her finds - They’re not available online so I am not going to post the visuals in here to give it away! NO SPOILERS HERE!