Holy Sheet.....Mask, Batman!

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Last week on BTBS - lots of Greenery, going over the latest CBD/ Cannabis products to hit the shelves. Anne and Kat dove into the nitty gritty of Cannabis beauty & get down with some not so traditional products. Tune in to hear their favorites!

HOLY SHEET! Anne and Kat talk about one of the most popular things in Beauty - Sheet Masks. Whether it be for Self care, a Treat or a part of your routine; sheet masks are hands down, one of the best ways to treat yo’self. Anne and Kat go over all different types from high end to drug store brands and even subscriptions. Stay tuned for an entire episode dedicated to the golden child of beauty products.

Anne and Kat go over their weeks - Kat has some really cool commercial work with a headshot photographer, doing touch ups for 20 people. Anne is swamped with bridal trial runs and weddings booking out! Pinterest is kind of the devil. Unrealistic expectations because of all the fake hair and styled shoots that are featured on pinterest boards.

What are we talking about today? FACE MASKS!! Both Anne and Kat have incorporated face masks into their skin prep routine for weddings and it has certainly been fun!


LuLuLun Face Masks

Anne Travels a lot, while in Tokyo she picked up these masks. If you go to Hawaii, and go to an ABC store (where you can find a lot of travel size items) you can find them in packs. One of Anne’s favorites is LuLuLun - they come in packs of 5 or 7, one for each day…..obvi! These are LOADED with Hyaluronic Acid - great for hydration and as we know. Hydration is key for good makeup!


Goodal Infused Mild Sheet Mask

Club Clio carries these (and MANY more).
Kat loves these masks and buys them in bulk. After a whirlwind expedition during pride with her Fake Daughter, they were re routed by police and landed on a Club Clio shop where they bought TONS of masks to bring home. The sheets are made of Bamboo which, as we all know, is Eco Friendly. Each one has a different function and they smell incredible!


FaceTory Korean Face Mask Subscription

Suprise! Anne is a part of another subscription! Which one? A MASK SUBSCRIPTION! It is the 7 Lux FaceTory Korean mask subscription. You get a variety of masks each month for the low price of $15/ mo.


Banana Milk Mask by G9 Skin

You can buy these in a pack of 5 in a box, and it looks like a milk carton. They are available in Boxes of 5 online - typically you can find them on amazon or on FaceTory (they’re sold out at the moment). Things to keep in mind when trying this product, it is NOT Vegan - this product contains milk. So if you do have an allergy to dairy, it would be best to skip this one.


Mamonde Rose Flower Lab Essence Sheet Mask

Available in Ulta AND on their website with all their other amazing products that Kat and Anne love so much. Be sure to check them out here! These masks go for $3.00/ piece and are worth every penny.


Tony Moly Pudding Pudding - Jelly Mask Sheet

Has Grape anti wrinkle serum and jelly essence. This is one of Kat’s favs. It is a quick buy, not a huge investment. You can find them on their website or at Sephora. Sometimes even Ulta. But make sure to shop around for ALL the great “Flavors”.


Peach and Lily Chubby Cheeks lift + plump sheet mask.

Worried about fine lines and sagging? Combat gravity with shots of skin-firming power ingredients, and bring back the chubby cheeks you were born with. This mask contains collagen-boosting ingredients and a powerful dose of nourishment to help firm, plump, and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Conditioning agents, brightening ingredients, and a blast of antioxidants and hydration promote radiance and a glow with bounce. A tad bit more money but totally worth the cost for targeted areas.

Dr. Jart+ Pore Minimalist Charcoal Sheet Mask

Kat talks about her love of the OG Biore’ strips and Dr. Jart+’s Pore Minimalist Charcoal Sheet Mask. Dr. Jart+ does make their own 2 step version of a pore strip called the “Pore Master Patch” and it is great! Kat likes to pair this (or if you’re on a budget, Biore strips & follow with the mask.


SiO Beauty | Eye & Smile Lift (4 Pack)

The SiO Beauty | Eye & Smile Lift Comes with 4 reusable patches you can use up to 15 times. While this one is a little more expensive at $24.95/box. However, the math pans out to not much more than your regular old eye patches you would just throw away. So on the upside - less waste!

Gold mask.jpg

Sephora Collection Super Mask - The golden Mask

The SEPHORA COLLECTIONSUPERMASK - The Golden Mask makes you look like your fellow neighborhood Iron Man. But in all seriousness, this is worth the money. Great for pampering yourself or for a bridal shower gift. It is elevated and just looks really freaking cool!

Shit we bought! copy.jpg

Kat got a $20 Nordstrom Note! You know what that means, $$$ to spend! Nordstrom does a really good job of getting obscure items for their beauty section and it is super fun to discover what new items they have in stock.

While shopping - Kat stumbled on the Makeup Eraser. A cloth that claims to be able to remove makeup with JUST water. Now, we recommend NEVER to depend on just water to remove your makeup. Always be sure to follow up with a cleanser, just like you would after an oil cleanser.


Anne is stuck in the Korean beauty zone. Some Hydrogel Eye patches! The Panda Hydrogel Eye Patch is deep moisturizing and great for a little treat on your under eyes.


On Kat’s adventure to Nordstrom she stumbled on a palatte that was so pretty and bright, it just needed to be purchased. The Lime Crime Venus XL Palate is $58 (a little more spendy) but TREAT YO SELF! Super duper pigmented, soft, good mattes, and BRIGHT! Perfect for a bridal/ boudoir kit.


Egg Tightening cleansing foam!
Great cleansing and tightening. Available on Amazon here!!