Bridal Beauty - How and When to Start Prepping!

Last episode we wrapped up our trip to vegas with a few tips on where to find your best beauty items when traveling to Sin City.

A little shout out to our Sponsors Atomic Beauty Cosmetics! The ladies got their paws on some new products (some are secret and some are not….stay tuned). Remember the amazing highlighters they make? They are now available in smaller sizes. Why? Because they are truly a double duty product that can be used on the eyes or the face!

This week is ALL about Bridal Beauty - we will get into the nitty gritty. Its a little longer than usual. But believe me when I say that there was NOT enough time to go over everything in detail.

First, Anne and Kat discuss what they have been up to. Anne had some weddings - Kat had a shoot and some Headshots per usual.

Also, Anne and Kat did another cooking class at the Pantry - but this time it was the “Great British Bake Off” Class! Check out this food. The best thing about these classes is that it is all hands on, you get to work in teams and EAT everything afterward!

Lets get to it! Engaged? Want to know how to plan for your bridal beautification process? Be sure to tune in!

Makeup and Hair:  Anne Timss  Photo:  4 Corners Photography

Makeup and Hair: Anne Timss
Photo: 4 Corners Photography

Remember - These tips are not just for you but your ENTIRE Bridal Party!

6- 12 months out: Physical and Mental Health. Hair Color, Extensions.

6-3 months out: Skin Care, Waxing, (SEE AN ESTHETICIAN) Botox, etc.

3-1 months out: Eye Lash Extensions/ Lash tinting and Perming.

< 1 month out: Tanning! Self Tanning specifically.

We should have eloped.

OK, we all know pinterest is great. The photos are beautiful, there is the “Fantasy” of perfection, but lets be real. Weddings are stressful, VERY stressful, they will take a toll on you. Be sure you've got your head and body in check.

shit we bought!!!.jpg

Anne and Kat go over their weekly “Shit we bought” and discuss some new beauty items, as well as relevant items pertaining to the current podcast!


Anne’s picks this week were fun! It is no secret that Anne is a very involved dog mom who loves her pups. Check out these cute Vegan nail polishes from Nail and Bone! Why does she love it so much?? Well, see that Boston Terrier at the very top of the bottle? That. And the color is super pretty too!

20190506-untitled shoot-0102.jpg

Melt Cosmetics - “The baby girl stack”

These are magnetic, and stack on top of each other. Photographed is the Baby Girl Stack, opened and sitting up right. The colors are super pigmented and it is a smoking deal at only $58.00!

20190506-untitled shoot-0107.jpg

Another Favorite for Anne is the “Color Chameleon” by Charlotte Tilbury! Some people have a really hard time with Eyeshadow falling into their contacts and making their eyes itch. This is a great option for those who want to be gentle on the eyes. Not to mention, this is a quick application that you can do in minutes and rush out the door looking super polished! It’s all about those cheats. Another bonus is they sell these colors by your eye color. Not sure what to get for yourself? Charlotte makes it easy for you to choose!

20190506-untitled shoot-0084.jpg

Well we all heard Kat talking about Self Tanners - What did she get into this time? Well, there are a few things. First, the Isle Of Paradise Self Tanning Drops (light, because she is super fair). You might have heard her talk about how self tans make her skin look dirty but NOT THIS! The beauty of this product is that you can adjust drops to how dark you would like your tan to be, AND mix it in with your favorite daily moisturizer/ Lotion on both your body and face.

20190506-untitled shoot-0090.jpg

Want a soft and EVEN glow to your skin? This spray is great for the neck, chest, face and shoulders for that soft glow. This is available at Ulta and Sephora stores - The St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water!

20190506-untitled shoot-0094 2.jpg
20190506-untitled shoot-0079.jpg

Remember friends - the key to a good tan is a good exfoliator! First off, scrubs sometimes just don’t always get the job done. Also, why not tie a killer skin routine in with your tan? The Juice Beauty Stem Cellular exfoliating spray will take all that dry skin off of your legs and face! On top of that, if you just wanted to keep up with your face with one product, then Dr. Dennis Grow Glow Pads are for you! Cut down your routine - get yourself some self tanning peel pads. Thats a two-for! Facial and tanning all in one!